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Jayden und Verwelkt's MSTs

Because the bad deserves to be mocked.

The MSTs of Jayden und Verwelkt (and the poor saps
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This is the MST community created specifically for sailorvfan10 and her MSTs.

Disclaimer: Jayden is not trying to offend the original authors of the fics she MSTs. She is doing this for fun, not for sick jokes. Don't yell at her if you're butthurt - learn what humor is. Also, this is the internet - there are people who are much worse.

She also doesn't own the show/book/anime/manga/game/etc. the fanfic is based off of. Everything belongs to their respective owners.

Jayden, the one who finds all these shitty fics. Also the boss.

Lelouch Lamperouge, the main character and resident anti-hero from Code Geass. Jayden resurrected him back from the dead just for the purpose of helping her.

Schuldig, a telepath who works for Schwarz, an assassination organisation run by Eszett. He is under orders by Brad Crawford to help Jayden with the MSTs. As a result, he hates Jayden's guts. Carries his trusty gun and reads others' thoughts.

The Fourth Wall, who gets broken every MST.

Link, your resident Fairy Boy and the Hero of Time from the Legend of Zelda. He usually helps the Crew with Smash Brothers stuff.

Relena Peacecraft & Heero Yuy, two main characters from Gundam Wing. Since Heero is her bodyguard, when Jayden calls on Relena, he comes too. They help with the Gundam Wing fics.

Hector, your axe-wielding badass from Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken (FE7). He helps with the FE7 fics and usually ends up on someone's nerves (usually Schuldig's), much to Jayden's dismay.

Roy, your half-dragon Lord from Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi (FE6). He helps with the FE6 fics, though sometimes he appears in Link's place as well. He finds Lelouch a little weird.